Surely all of you have ever felt the need to shout "Silence". The need of wanting to disconnect from everything and everyone around you and spend time with yourself.

However, we are used to running away from silence. It causes us fear, boredom, indifference. We live immersed in an endless number of stimuli of all kinds that accompany us 24 hours a day. Every morning when we wake up, we turn on the automatic pilot and we allow ourselves to be carried away by the inertia without being really aware of what we are doing or what we feel at any time.

We have normalized noise to such an extent that the mere thought of being silent for a few minutes a day is terrifying. Not only external noise is common to us, but what that noise causes in our minds, preventing us from thinking and consequently acting clearly.

We only stop and in some cases we become aware when our body gives us a wake-up call or when we hit rock bottom due to an emotional affection. It is at that moment that we realize how overexposed we are.

It is important to understand that beyond finding an external silence, which is very beneficial, in the long run it is about silencing the noise of distractions, things that disturbs and haunts us at every moment.

As Erling Kagge, author of the best-seller "Silence in the Age of Noise" exposes, “It is another type of silence that one must seek: existential, not acoustic. It is the one that is there within you all the time. That silence is the most important in life, although it is underestimated in today's society. "

To find this type of silence, it is not necessary to go to a remote place isolated from any sample of civilization, rather it is about finding in our day to day small acts and / or places that invite us to disconnect and become aware of the act itself.

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