The Glamping began its journey about four years ago. It emerged as a need to share a simpler lifestyle connected with nature.

Mother Earth is constantly calling us to return to the source and reconnect with her. We did not know how to listen to her message for some time. It was at some point in our transformational process that we felt her call.

We wanted to start something that helps us and may perhaps help other people to remember that it is possible to co-live with the different forms of life on this planet, in peace and harmony.

For us, luxury is nature. Today we can have almost anything immediately. However, we have neglected the basics, the essential, what really makes us connect with who we really are.

The feeling that spending time living with the natural environment brings is priceless. In our case, giving people the possibility of sleeping, eating and interacting in a space surrounded by other living beings was our starting engine that continues to this day.

Our main objective is to be able to communicate through our actions. In this way, we may help each one to contribute to slowing down man's invasion of nature. Every little act adds up. However, the main thing is still a change in mentality, an increase in individual and collective consciousness. In this way the acts will speak for themselves.

The Glamping offers full experiences, retreats and private events. Normally including accommodation in our deluxe tents, the gastronomic part and one or more activities depending on each event. We want to offer lifetime experiences, respectful with the environment and at the same time enriching in a personal way.

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