This time we prepared a private event of two nights and three days to celebrate Carlo's birthday, it was a surprise party with friends coming from different parts of Europe and Mallorca.

The first night, despite the windy weather, we managed to enjoy dinner in the open air. There were all together, adults and children around a long table. After dessert, an unknown activity awaited us. Mamadou and part of his team arrived to the beat of the drums, to start a workshop on percussion, singing and African dance. Everyone gathered around a circle to first interact with the percussion instruments and, little by little, sing and let loose through the dance. A workshop that left everyone with tones of energy in order to continue the rest of the weekend.

The next day, after breakfast, we headed to the sea through the lush pine forest that ended in the sea where the attendees took a bath under the rain. Back in the camping area the sun began to rise, so the rest of the day we enjoyed a good seasonal rice surrounded by nature and our astronomer in the evening, followed by the birthday celebration.

A weekend of surprises, weather changes and a lot of enjoyment and connection between attendees and with the environment.

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