We are very happy to bring together singer-songwriter Marion Deprez and chef Grace Berrow for this very special event.

The event will begin with a concert by Marion Deprez in one of the outdoor spaces of the Miramar Monastery with the sunset scenario. Followed by a wonderful dinner by the Chef of the Patiki restaurant, Grace Berrow.

Marion Deprez - Open-hearted music

 The music of this belgo mallorquin singer-songwriter vibrates in a simple and versatile way through intimate and emotional songs. 

A particular Folk/Rock with influences from artists such as Ben Harper, The Lumineers, KT Tunstall, Sarah Bettens, Fleetwood Mac, Norah Jones, Damien Rice, etc.

A voice with subtle and aerial tones along with great strength and projection. Electricity and sweetness. A live show that surprises by its authenticity and dynamism.

"On stage I feel the way I am, without masks or pretensions"

Grace Berrow 

Grace is the curator and creator of a little beach side restaurant in the port of Soller called Patiki which she opened with her family. 

Her food is a celebration of the raw ingredients that spring from the Mallorcan soil. Treated with a light touch to bring out the fullest flavour of each ingredient with minimal interference.

Dinner will be accompanied by two glasses of natural wine from the island specially selected by Pep de Solovino.

* Option to book more wine separately.

Date and time: 31 of July at 19h30

Location: Miramar Monastery (we will send more details when you book).


  • Concert + dinner : 80€
  • Accommodation + breakfast: Double tent 90€ pax /  Single tent 140€.

Singer Marion Deprez
Chef Grace Berrow
The Glamping