At The Glamping, we appeal to common sense, please be kind and respectful to the rest of the attendants. People of different nationalities, places and cultures attend The Glamping experiences, remember at all times that differences enrich us and respect unites us.

The Glamping family is committed to the care, protection and preservation of the environment. We want our impact on the natural environment to be the minimum, so we have to establish rules of coexistence.

1. Fire is prohibited under any circumstances (unless expressly authorized by the Glamping staff).

 2. If you are a smoker, you can only smoke in areas specifically enabled for it, never outside this area, or during a walk or excursion through nature. In the designated areas the smoker has to make sure that his butts are perfectly extinguished. In the event that someone starts a fire, they must assume the consequences and respond to the relevant authorities.

3. The alteration of the space through labeling, logging, earth movement, extraction of materials or plants, or other unauthorized actions that destroy the natural environment is prohibited.

4. The chase, capture or harm to wild or rural animals.

5. The abandonment outside the places destined for this purpose, of weeds, waste, garbage or other liquid or solid materials that do not belong to the natural environment.

6. At The Glamping we are great lovers of animals, but out of respect for other wild animals, livestock and the owners of the farms, it is NOT allowed to live the experience with pets, to avoid possible incidents.

7. It is forbidden to bring food and drink from outside.

8. It is forbidden to play music with a speaker.

9. We will not enter the tents with footwear, we will leave it outside. If someone has a problem with leaving their shoes outside, they must take off their shoes to enter the store and put the shoes in a bag before putting them inside the stores.

10. We will avoid eating and / or drinking indoors, we will do so in the common areas set up for that purpose.

11. Smoking is prohibited inside the tents.

12. We will avoid leaving our shower towels and bath clothes hanging outside or inside the stores, we will do it in the common areas enabled for it.

13. The stipulated times of arrival (check in) and departure (check out) will be respected.

14. Group activity schedules will be respected (if you want to participate).

15. Breakfast, lunch and dinner times will be respected.

16. The hours of use of the common areas will be respected.

17. The hours of silence will be respected (from 00:00 a.m. to 08:00 a.m.)

18. The Glamping is not responsible for lost or misplaced items. Everyone is responsible for their personal belongings.

19. We have an area enabled for charging electronic devices.

20. The Glamping reserves the right of admission.

21. Each user accepts her responsibility in the event that she negligently damages or misplaces any part of the furniture or material within the property where the event is held.