This time we enjoyed two nights and two days of disconnection with residents in Mallorca. We shared Friday night with couples and people who came to live the experience individually, and Saturday night was our first time with families.

We started the afternoon with a tour of the Miramar Monastery property, familiarizing ourselves with the environment, breathing fresh air and disconnecting from the external noise of the day to day.

The appetizer took place in one of the viewpoints. Meanwhile we watched how the sun disappeared into the infinity of the sea. Then we gather around the table to share the menu that our Chef with great love prepared for us with seasonal products from the Mallorcan land. After dinner we move around the bonfire to take a digestive infusion.When night fell and the sky lit up with stars, it was our astronomer's turn.

The next day we woke up to the sound of birds and sheeps, relaxed and with a clear mind. We were ready to recharge the batteries with the rural breakfast buffet.

simple life
Tramuntana hike
cozy dinner
Mallorcan appetizer
Miramar Museum
Olive tree
Deia sunset
Astronomer Nasa