Any time is a good time to celebrate and even more so on our birthday. At The Glamping we propose a different way of celebrating with our people, where the environment, nature, gastronomy and sunset views are part of the celebration.

On this occasion, the evening began with a welcome cocktail and a seasonal lemonade accompanied by a typical Mallorcan appetizer prepared with seasonal products.

Once the appetite was whet, it was time to sit down around the table to enjoy the seasonal rice that our chef prepared with love for the attendees. Dessert and herbal liqueur accompanied the sunset in another wonderful area of the Miramar Monastery.

When the night fell, in absolute darkness, it was the time for our astronomer Amador to tell us more about the Cosmos. There is no one with more passion and knowledge than him in astronomy, connecting events that are happening at the astrological level with those that happen in our planet Earth. We had the privilege that day to see the Neowise Comet and learn more about it. Then the assistants continued celebrating accompanied by a good wine.

The next day the table was ready with a Mediterranean buffet breakfast to be enjoyed with panoramic views of the sea and the mountains.